Data people and Designers - Let's make working together work

הדס שיזף

The two tribes - the people who research and create the content (journalists, data analysts, biz devs…) and the designers, who help numbers come to life - both share the goal of presenting the data accurately and convey a narrative. Yet there is a great chasm between them: large spreadsheets loaded with numbers are the best friends of the data tribe and designers’ worst nightmare.

How do we bridge this gap?

  • How do we make designers interested in the topic that content people spent days, months or even years researching and growing attached to?

  • How to help designers stay happy when they are asked to fit 15.0394738799 into a graph?

  • How can we make content people understand the importance of giving a title to a graph?

  • How can we make content people and designers work in synergy to reach their goal - create great visualizations?

I will share several tips that help you understand how to make this content-designer relationship work, using some examples from my several years of experience as an Infographic designer.

אודות המרצה:

I’m Hadas Shezaf, currently a UX & Data Visualization Lead at Geektime, the largest Israeli startup & high-tech media company. Previously I was an Infographic designer at Calcalist, a major financial newspaper in Israel. I graduated in design at H.I.T and in psychology at the Open University.

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